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Oferte pentru navigatori - Able Body Seaman


Able Body Seaman

Numar posturi: 3
Data publicarii: 11-09-2019 13:38:42
Valabil pana la: 31-10-2019
Salariu: 0
Moneda: EUR
Tip nava: Fishing Vessel
Perioada: 8 weeks
Alte detalii: Orca Crew Services is looking for the following positions for a fishing trawler: - AB ( one of them should be able to cook for Spanish people) II/3 - OFF. NAV. WATCH/MASTER NEAR COASTAL VOYAGES. IV/2 - GMDSS GENERAL ENGLISH TITTLE. - 1 x Motorist / Mechanic III/3 - 1 ENG./ 2 ENG. 750KW-3000KW. Helsman II/4 - RATING FORM.PART.NAV.WATCH Period: Rotation schedule is 2 months on / 15 days off Salary: depends on the experience ( basic salary+ of the catch) Experience required: trawler experience Start date: - in September- mainetenance work - in October- start fishing For more details, please contact us by email or phone at 0341 117 988
Anunt publicat de: Orca Crew Services
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